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Bluenana Cinnawaffle

Bluenana Cinnawaffle

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Fresh blueberries sprinkled on warm waffles that have just a slight hint of cinnamon drizzled in maple syrup. This is one complex flavor that is absolutely spot on.̴Ì_Close your eyes and you'll be transported to your last vacation resort, sitting on the balcony in your robe with a hot delicious plate of waffles in front of you. Many people fear the cinnamon but rest assured just like the meal we know a little goes a long way. We balanced the cinnamon just like you would in food it's there.....but it's not there.

The fire starter lineup consists of the top selling flavors since the launch of Big time Vapors. Fruity Bedrock is a fruit pebble like cereal and it will be the best vape juice of this type you've tried were sure of it. Greek Goddess is a crisp fruit blended perfectly with yogurt. Cookies and Cream has got us tons of attention on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit with many reviewers saying it‰ۡó»s the best cookies and cream vape juice they have ever tried. Bluenana CinnaWaffle is a perfect blend of blueberries, bananas drizzled with syrup on top of waffles with just a SLIGHT hint of cinnamon. Even people who don‰ۡó»t like cinnamon at all tend to enjoy this vape juice. Nana‰ۡó»s pudding is the perfect banana pudding just like grandma use to make in vape juice form. Our strawberry and cream is second to none try it for yourself it‰ۡó»s unlike the norm we like to break the mold.

Available bottle sizes include 30ml, 120ml, 250ml, and 1,000ml bottles (contact us)

Available Nicotine strengths include 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine.